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Our Latst Experience Survey Results Show…

98% of Hygiene Patients had a Pain Free Experience

98% of Dental Patients had a Pain Free Experience

"Sat Reveals The Latest Experience Survey Results"

 Dentist Solihull is your


A new concept lets you experience how you look after
your mouth and body if you are willing to listen.

We developed an exciting new consumer concept.
It’s called “dentistry without fear.” That’s right, without fear!

Now if that sounds too good to be true, look at the facts…

For example, the British Dental Association claim (25 percent of the population) experience extreme anxiety before visiting a dentist.

dentist solihull
"The Fear Free Team"

Now you may have no fear of the dentist what so ever so please don’t think our unique philosophy is only for scared people. It is not. Who wants an unpleasant experience anyway?

Added to that Denplan say 33 percent experience fear that also prevents them from visiting the dentist.

You are not alone. Many (hard nuts) grip the chair when they visit dentists too. There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. That’s a whopping 25 people out of one hundred are anxious too!

Paul McGee, author and speaker talks about our CONDITIONED RESPONSE and the dog Pavlov, which you’ve no doubt seen before. He says, “We are conditioned to see, feel, experience dentistry through the TV, newspapers, our parents and is all in the past.” He also says, “Humans think in questions, such as ‘will it hurt’? Will I be scared?”

Here are 4 possibilities to consider in choosing how to spend your money…

  1. You could go to another dentist nearer to your home.
  2. You may decide to delay your nagging pain, wobbly teeth, or put off a new smile.
  3. Or you may choose dentistry that has a certain appeal to it. In fact, when you choose something in life, it’s because you get an emotional connection with that company that you buy from.
  4. If you’re after a smile makeover you may opt for cosmetic surgery, buy a new kitchen, car, and holiday or blow it on a new sofa.


And on top of that Heath Dental understand we have to win your business, your loyalty, your hard earned money. And we take that very seriously indeed. You see we work hard to give you a FEAR FREE experience. We work hard to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

But don’t get us wrong we know we are a necessary evil just like a solicitor is. But we do go above and beyond what you have experienced elsewhere.

Here’s how we make our “Fear Free” dentistry possible

  • Waterlase. A revolutionary machine that has replaced the drill. There is no drill noise. No injection. A beam of water combined with a laser makes your experience virtually pain free too!
  • Aromatherapy oils to induce “calm
  • Body temperature “painless anaesthetic” with advanced gentler techniques– you do not have to fear injections any longer


Right now and starting on this website and at Heath Dental there is a “fear free” dental revolution taking place. And at some of Sat Kelley’s other dentist friends around the country too. And by being here is your first simple step. Stay with me now…

Imagine waking up on the day of your visit not worried if pain is involved. Or the smell of dental practices (we use special perfume). How would you like to go back to work without having the whole of your face numb?

At Heath Dental, we use special technology so you can drink afterward without spilling down your front.

If you have never experienced our state of the art building you will think you are in the wrong place!


  1. Free ample parking outside the front of the practice, ground level easy entry
  2. Hot scented towels to freshen  up for your day ahead,
  3. DENTISTRY FOR BUSY PEOPLE: Early & late appointments for ‘busy people
  4. And designated children’s days for your special ones designed to keep their teeth for life.


Because we are so proud of our “fear free” promise, we GUARANTEE if you experience any fear we will refund your money! This way you will be helping us too. But as yet we have not had to refund anyone.

So that’s our concept. We make dentistry as pleasurable as anyone can. We go to customer service courses all over the world. We buy the best technology available, anywhere. We work hard and we make a profit just like other great companies do. Take Apple computers. This is how we model our dentistry business. Always releasing new and exciting instalments. And finally on this point, our team are happy. We make it a fabulous environment to work in.


Dentistry without fear is what we get up for each morning. How boring would it be if we just did teeth? Our core purpose, mission, fortitude in life is to give our customers what they want, and more importantly what they don’t like.

Why not call us 08443756349 and see if we are the right fit. Or browse the website. Or you can come in and meet Sat Kelley for a Free am I suitable for fear free dentistry consultation.

To join our small group of friends, simply call 08443756349 you’ll experience “fear free” dentistry.

If the consumer had a chance to strike back at all those years of being nervous, anxious, painful, scared, uncomfortable, then it’s now. But act quickly. With our fear free promises there’s sure to be a great reason to join our fear free fold. Join us today, and get the smile you deserve without the baggage of yesteryear dentistry.

Request a FREE 5 Step Smile Audit

at Heath Dental

“Am I Suitable For Fear Free Dentistry?” 
Audit which includes:


  1. Meeting Sat your first point of contact to answer any concerns and desires
  2. Photographic tour of your mouth
  3. Assessment of the health of your mouth, and the “silent disease” audit
  4. A basic "Fear Free" exam with Dr. Sat Kelley
  5. An explanation of the options best suited to you and your concerns

Usually valued at £97 but now FREE

Call Today On 08443756349 (24/7)

Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

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Nervous patients

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Dental Implants

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