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Giving Back at Heath Dental

We raised £739.00 for Dental Mavericks in 2017!

This year we have (with the help of our patients and suppliers) raised £739.00 for Dental Mavericks. 

£256.79 of this was used to buy supplies to take to the clinics in Greece this year and the rest gone to Mavericks for use in all areas.

Thank you!



Is 2018 the year YOU volunteer? Dental nurses are perfectly placed to participate in the activities of charities abroad. Michelle Reid offers a guide to enjoying the experience.


Dental Mavericks Trip 2016

With Michelle & Joanna

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After having to delay our original trip planned for 2015 with Dental Mavericks I was like an excited child on Christmas morning this year as we made our way to Heathrow to catch our flight to Morocco.  

Although you get a perception in mind of how the experience may be, from the pictures you see and what the other Mavericks tell you, nothing can beat actually going yourself and experiencing it first hand.

The local people in Khizana where myself and Joanna visited were all so welcoming, hospitable and oh so happy to see us! Over two days we helped to treat over 400 patients.  

A mixture of children and adults which sadly included a lot of extractions for teeth that were too decayed to save, but the team were also able to carry out some fillings this year for the first time as well as carrying out fluoride applications again.  

The people of Khizana are amazing, they trusted us completely, despite the language barrier they were happy to let us treat them and the smiles and thanks we received after we had got them out of pain was just brilliant.  

Dental Mavericks I will definitely be back ! Amazing experience to be able to give back.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising and donated items!!

Here are some of our memories…

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20160922 233036
Img 20160924 Wa0015 1
20160923 081902
Img 20160924 Wa0043
20160923 081955 1
20160923 081955
Img 20160924 Wa0027
Img 20160924 Wa0015
Img 20160924 Wa0024 1
Img 20160924 Wa0024
20160922 164130
Img 20160924 Wa0027 1
Img 20160924 Wa0030
Img 20160924 Wa0031
Img 20160924 Wa0035
Img 20160924 Wa0037
Img 20160924 Wa0038
Img 20160924 Wa0066
Img 20160924 Wa0069
Img 20160924 Wa0071
Img 20160924 Wa0075
Img 20160924 Wa0080
Img 20160924 Wa0089

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