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Mouth Cancer Checks with the
Revolutionary Velscope

Watch out for – MOUTH CANCER!

Oral Cancer is 3X more common than cervical cancer, with 2X the death rate.

Dentists see you more often than any other health professional!

And if caught in the early stages the 5 year survival rate is 80-90%, an increase of 50% on those detected at a more advanced stage.

If you smoke or drink alcohol you are at increased risk, but there has also been a rise in cases of the under 25’s through the proven link to the HPV virus in sexually active youngsters.

Even if you feel you have no symptoms we could save your life, as early stages of oral cancer can be painless with no visible changes in appearance to the naked eye.

At heath DENTAL we have an ethical and moral responsibility to you!

That is why we invest heavily in the latest technology to provide you with the best in oral health and wellbeing.

We Would Like To Present To You The Revolutionary VELscope®vx

An innovation in Mouth Cancer screening designed to enhance our comprehensive examination.

Its safe blue light is quick and painless.

3 More Benefits

  1. It can help to detect even mild changes to soft tissue
  2. Aid detection of early stage dysplasia, which is when cells change from healthy to unhealthy.
  3. Aid investigation of viral, fungal and bacterial oral infections as well as Lichen Planus and salivary gland tumours.

So please give us 2 minutes of your time!

VELscope® screenings only £15 and it could help to save your life!

Request a FREE 5 Step Smile Audit

Request a FREE 5 Step Smile Audit

“Am I Suitable For "Fear Free" Dentistry?”


  1. Meeting Sat your first point of contact to answer any concerns and desires
  2. Photographic tour of your mouth
  3. Assessment of the health of your mouth, and the “silent disease” audit
  4. A basic “Fear Free” exam with Dr. Sat Kelley
  5. An explanation of the options best suited to you and your concerns

Usually valued at £97 but now FREE

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Meet Sat & The Team

Meet Sat & The Team

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