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Looking Back At 2018

Sat’s Review of 2018

It’s been fair to say it has been a tough year, following the tragic loss of dad in June. Life has been a whirlwind since then and I can’t believe it has been 6 months already. This has flown by for me, whilst I have been trying to get things sorted.

However I know for mum it has dragged. Christmas will be a strange and difficult time but thankfully the children will provide a welcome antidote to the blues. Aren’t children amazing? Their ability to heal and remind us of the simple pleasures of life, the innocence of what used to be special, is so therapeutic.

I have been floored by the warmth of friends, colleagues and relatives who have provided invaluable support and comfort so openly and freely.

Our own Emma has had her own health challenges this year and we applaud her courage whilst wishing her a full recovery.

The practice has continued to flourish, thanks to my incredible team and patients. We have now introduced the exciting world of digital dentistry this year to help to continue to provide a gentler and kinder experience for our patients. This provides us with additional techniques to aid us with our goal of providing calm, caring and painfree dentistry. This latest technology and innovation allows us to be far more precise with the work we produce. On some occasions our patients can now see results before they commit to life changing dentistry. This can only be a positive experience for all concerned.

Michelle has continued to improve her skill set and after her latest course can now remove sutures. Her search for continued improvement and excellence is an inspiration to us all.

We have welcomed Danielle in to the fold, her experience has made our lives a lot easier, so thank you Danielle. Also welcomed Maddy and Lucy to the team.

Sean continues to build his straight teeth knowledge and skills and is now teaching the subject and passing on his experience to other dentists nationally.

Dawne was recognised with a long service award.

Congratulations to Balinder on the safe arrival of her baby girl.

Paula has assumed the concierge role in the practice and will look to develop this further over the coming year. This will be another service we will be offering to our patients, so that their dental journey with us is a smoother one.

Back in May some of the team completed Rough Runner and they all survived!! Thank you to our patients for your continued charity support.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and joyful New Year.


Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Finding out how to give even more back…

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

I recently attended the Homeless and Inclusion Conference in Birmingham, my first time at this conference I was excited to find out more about how I could become involved with providing dental care for homeless and excluded people.

Well the day certainly didn’t disappoint, it was eye opening, inspiring and motivating.

Speakers included dental & homeless charities, various professionals from the dental world and the talks I found the most emotional were those from people who have been homeless themselves. Listening to people’s stories,why they became homeless, their journey, difficulties and prejudices they have faced brought a tear to my eye.

One particular speaker was Sarah Harries, she was living on the streets of Leeds, had suffered a lifetime of abuse and had a drug addiction. However with the help of others and a lot of hard work herself she is now a Pentecostal Minister, studying a degree and married with a daughter, four years ago she was close to death. A wonderful success story to hear.

I will definitely be getting involved where I can next year, through Crisis and Dentaid and doing some dental nursing for them. It has also given me a lot to think about in terms of day to day nursing here and what we can do to be aware and considerate of people and possible traumas.

I also wore my other hat on this day and presented a table for Dental Mavericks, to try and spread the word about our work and encourage attendees of the conference to join us for our 2019 trips. Scarily for me I had to present a short talk to the room about the work we do.

Not having done any public speaking before I was nervous to say the least( although most would argue I can speak more than needed any other time no problem ha ha) I survived though, no eggs or tomatoes were thrown and hope that I managed to encourage a few of the dentists to consider us next year.


National Dental Nurse Day Awards

Highly Commended for Long Service!!

We are so proud that Dawne last week was recognised in the National Dental Nurse Day Awards. The awards are ran by the Society of British Dental Nurses to recognise the great work and achievements of nurses across the country.

Dawne has had a long career, she started nursing in 1977 gaining her qualification the following year.

As well as nursing she also works on front desk, nurses for implants, deal with various administrations for us and carries out all our nursery visits to talk to the children about coming to the dentist and caring for their teeth.

Dawne will have seen a vast amount of changes in dentistry over the years, she is a dedicated member of our team and an integral part of what we do day to day at heathDENTAL. We are lucky to have you Dawne.

Thanks a lot, bye for now


Welcome Danielle

We’d like to welcome Danielle to our front desk team

Some of you may have spotted a new face in the practice, we are very happy to welcome Danielle to our front desk team


My name is Danielle, and I have just recently started working here at Heath DENTAL.

During the short time that I have been here I have been warmly welcomed, by the amazing team I am now a part of, into a lovely environment!

And, I’m really excited for what the future holds for me here at Heath DENTAL.

In my spare time, I enjoy baking, socialising with my friends, trips to the beach and lots of family time.

Danielle, the team are excited to put your baking skills to the test!

welcome Danielle

Itero Digital Scanning

Itero – Digital Scanning Instead Of Gooey Impressions 

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, we are getting on top of the intricate techniques involved with successful patient scanning. It has been a very steep learning curve and as always with any profession, ongoing learning with new knowledge and skills acquisition will never stop.

We must stop and thank our willing patients who have often felt like guinea pigs whilst we clumsily navigated their mouths for the perfect scan. Without their patience we would never have arrived at the situation that we are at now.

Well, on Friday morning, we fitted our first fully digital crown on a scanned implant, and boy did it feel good. It is extremely rare not to have to make some sort of chairside adjustment to a crown, after traditional impressions and laboratory procedures but this new crown went on like a dream.

NO ADJUSTMENTS, PERFECT TECHNICAL FIT AND IT LOOKED AMAZING. The patient couldn’t wait to try a steak that same evening.

Itero Digital Scanning

The benefits to everyone, especially our patients are huge:

  • The process is far more comfortable without the need to impart gooey, sticky stuff into your mouth, whilst you try desperately to breath waiting for what seems like an age for the material to set.
  • It is far more efficient and accurate, meaning that your appointments are more predictable with less risk of having to waste your time coming back for a second fitting.
  • There are fewer adjustments meaning that your appointments should be quicker and less invasive.
  • We can even scan your teeth to determine objectively if you have an active grinding and wear problem. This is done by 2 separate scans taken 12 months apart and digitally comparing the loss of tooth tissue. NO MORE GUESSING.

We love this new technology and our patients who have experienced it do too. We will continue to learn about how we can further benefit our patients and fulfil another of our core values of being progressive.

The Dawood and Tanner Academy

suture removal course

Another day, another skill learnt

On Friday I very excitedly set off down to London to The Dawood and Tanner Academy for my course on suture removal.

Once I have completed my cases this will allow me to removed stitches for Sat after Implant placement. 

I love having extended duties and it’s great that as nurses we can get more involved in patient care. 

We got to do some suturing practice (not that we can suture patients) but to understand what goes into suturing and appreciate the skill that’s involved in doing it well.

I have to say I have watched dentists doing it for some time and yes I am guilty of thinking oo it doesn’t look that hard, bit like sewing a button on………well I now have a new appreciation of how tricky it is, and I will be sticking to buttons only lol


Birmingham half marathon

Sean Completes The Birmingham half marathon

Two weeks ago on a very cold and wet Sunday, Sean took to the streets of Birmingham along with around 11,000 others to complete the Birmingham half marathon.

His 8th time completing the event, he ran to raise funds and awareness for a cause that means alot to him, Cardiac Risk in the Young.

In a reverse of previous routes, the Birmingham half marathon started where it ended last year, before taking runners to Highfield Road in Edgbaston and down the hill of Lee Bank Middleway, once a challenging incline near the end of the half marathon.

Participants then did a lap of Cannon Hill Park and Edgbaston Stadium before turning back to the city centre after they reached Bournville.

Posting his photo’s after the event Sean said..

“Well that was a wet one! Back home safe and sound, and just about dried out and got the feeling back into my fingers. Great run considering, a comfortable 1hr56…. again!”

Well Done Sean !

Mouth Cancer Awareness

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk in Hyde Park

It’s 5pm on Sunday evening and luckily me and my tired feet have managed to get a seat in Euston station whilst I wait for my train home. I decided to offer my time this weekend as a volunteer at the 13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk in Hyde Park. “Why are you doing that?” I’ve been asked …..”why not !?” I say. I’m so glad I did it, it’s been a great day.

Hyde Park is a beautiful setting for the event, how lucky if you live in London to have such a picturesque place to walk, cycle or run in. Full of flowers, wildlife and the people watching opportunities are endless. I was up early to get across London to help set up for the walk, arriving at 8.45am I met the organisers and other volunteers and we quickly got to work setting up the area ready for the arrival of the participants later in the morning.

The walk was started to raise funds for the charity and also to help raise awareness of mouth cancer and spread the word about prevention and early detection. Hundreds of people of all ages came to take part including survivors of the disease.

I was one of the team registering people, giving out water, t-shirts and then goodie bags at the end. There was a mobile screening unit where people could have free mouth checks and a survivor came on stage to tell her story. You couldn’t help but get emotional hearing her journey and then thinking of those who have lost their lives as a role call was read for some of the people being remembered.

It was great seeing everyone’s faces as they crossed the finish and being able to congratulate them, a brilliant day for a brilliant cause.

I would definitely volunteer again for this or similar events, I get a real kick from the volunteering work I have been lucky enough to be involved in and will continue to do it when I can. I urge everyone to try it, there are loads of opportunities out there and whether it’s a day or an hour of your time you can give, someone somewhere will be grateful.

Michelle Reid

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

13th annual Mouth Cancer Awareness walk

Core Value Progression

Dentist Sean Living Our Core Values

True to our practice core value of progression, I have recently completed an extensive program of further training in orthodontics (teeth straightening).

My interest in orthodontics began over 10 years ago when I first started using clear aligners to improve my patient’s smiles. A few years later I then progressed into providing the option of using fixed cosmetic braces with the Six Month Smile® system.

While completing over a hundred cases I have always been keen to continue to develop my skills, to enable me to progress and undertake more complex cases safely, and ultimately provide my patients with more options and the potential to have complete care within Heath Dental. I have always been aware of the limitations of my skills and would refer a patient on to specialist orthodontists when appropriate.

So, over the last 12 months I have been undertaking a course organised by highly regarded specialist orthodontists, and having completed it successfully and I am now well equipped to take care of more challenging cases.

This will include those that not only would take longer than cosmetically focused fixed braces, but also ones that may require extraction of teeth.

I am also now able to offer some treatments to children, which, with ever increasing waiting lists and greater restriction of NHS orthodontic services, may be an option worth exploring.

With our affordable payment plans, orthodontic treatment may be more accessible than you think. Just speak to a member of our reception team and book a complimentary consultation to find out more.


core value of progression


Being a dental nurse is a job I love

Being a dental nurse is a job I absolutely love

You may or may not have heard of Megamind, supervillain turned superhero, well I like to think that if Megamind wasn’t busy saving the world he would probably spend his time working as a dental nurse. :0)

Being a dental nurse is a job I absolutely love, you spend your day with a variety of people, get to change people’s lives with their smiles, improve their health and build great relationships with patients and team members.

This job does require a certain skill set, daily you need to multi task, constantly learn and evolve, be ready for change at anytime big or small, remember a big catalogue of knowledge and more……so now you may be seeing why I feel Megamind is an appropriate comparison for dental nurses (except for the fact that he was a villain initially, no villains here!!)

Progression is one of our team values and one of my favourites. We have recently had our annual appraisals which includes planning my development for the year ahead. I’m excited to be going on a course next month in London to enable me to remove sutures for patients, just one of the extra duties as a nurse we can train to do.

You can’t stand still in this job, you have to be able to move with the times and expand your knowledge and skills and more importantly you need to love learning.

Luckily for me i’m a bit of a self confessed dental nerd and always jump at the chance to go to a course or conference. In November I am going to be attending the Homeless and Inclusion Conference in Birmingham to learn how I can help the homeless with dental needs.

I could reel on for hours about what I have done and want to do in my career but I will stop myself as I’m aware this is a blog not a dissertation ha ha.

I am grateful to have a job I love and that offers me so much variety, and also grateful to have wonderful bosses Sat and Jo who help me develop, thanks guys !!!

Read what our patients say about their treatment

Everyone at the practice is friendly and efficient. They communicate well about appointments and as a patient I feel welcomed and looked after. My dental implant which is now well over 10 years old, has never given me any problems. Mr Kelly and his team provide a great service. The hygienist is also very helpful and encouragingread more
Annabel Bryant
Annabel B.
18:59 01 Dec 22
"No need to have worried so much "Many thanks to Sat and his team for his very professional approach to removing 2 very difficult roots .I dont know i was so worried .Thank you .
philip milner
philip M.
05:42 27 Nov 22
Heath Dental did an excellent implant. It took a long time but this was due to the meticulous attention given to getting everything right and allowing sufficient time for healing at the various stages. Heath Dental we’re very careful to ensure I was as comfortable as possible as the work was carried out. Administration was also excellent ensuring I was kept fully informed throughout.read more
Leslie Prescott
Leslie P.
12:16 15 Nov 22
This is the best dental practice I have ever been a patient of ,it has fantastic staff , pain free treatment and excellent after care , I would never go any where else .
Stephen Hems
Stephen H.
19:07 11 Nov 22
Pain free isn't just a statement, its what Heath Dental provide, I never fear going, and have been a patient for some years, although I think a friend would be a better word as they are a very friendly and helpful team, no matter who you are dealing with. Sat Kelley is my dentist and, as with all the team at Heath Dental, if any treatment is needed, or asked for, you are advised what is required and how it will be carried out, whilst looking at different options to achieve the best result, all fully explained, before and at each stage of treatment. Having just completed a course of treatment I feel really happy and 100% satisfied and very pleased.read more
Fred Capewell
Fred C.
13:38 10 Nov 22
Thank you to Joanna and all at Heath Dental for the care they afforded our children on their visit. Kindness and reassurance from the moment they walked into Reception through to the relieved goodbyes.
Jon Ryan
Jon R.
12:17 10 Nov 22
This practice is the best I’ve been too. I always slightly dread going but I’m always put at ease by the lovely Sat Kelly. It’s a very professional and friendly service they all help to give.
julie lomas
julie L.
09:53 06 Nov 22
Amazing clinic, friendly staff! Thank you for giving an excellent hygiene service today, no pain, no panicking but relaxing and relief!Highly recommended.
Mon Lam
Mon L.
21:43 04 Nov 22
Just the best dentistTotally pain free with the nicest staffFor anyone who’s afraid of the dentist,this dentist is a total game changerThanks to Naveen and all the staff
Melanie James
Melanie J.
19:21 03 Nov 22
As always a very pleasant visit. Sat has looked after my teeth for 17 years and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He listens to my needs and treats me with kindness and respect. He has a great team at Heath Dental.
Paula Jones
Paula J.
18:07 03 Nov 22
Really impressed with this place so far. Having avoided going to the dentist for a time, I’d heard nothing but good things from friends that go here so I decided to go along. The receptionists were really friendly and helpful. I had the initial consultation with Zoe, who was also extremely friendly, she took me through all the options available and explained the costs. Although I’m not looking forward to any dental work I may need, I know it will be done well and I will be looked after.read more
michelle barrett
michelle B.
18:07 24 Oct 22
Fabulous service from all of the staff at Heath Dental, nothing is too much trouble and communication is excellent. Pain free experience when it came to the treatment. Sat Kelley has done an amazing job with my dental bridge. Couldn't be happier with the results. Thankyou.
Graham Baker
Graham B.
19:15 19 Oct 22
I have used Heath Dental for at least ten years. I am very happy with the treatment, advice and service I have received. All the staff are friendly and helpful. They take care to make any treatment pain free.
Alex Husbands
Alex H.
17:48 28 Sep 22
Excellent dentist in my experience. Pain free.As a nervous patient I was well looked after and I am amazed that Dr Sat was able to save teeth that I thought would need to be removed.Very happy with my experience
patrick reilly
patrick R.
14:41 28 Sep 22
Our whole family have been patients at Heath dental since 2012.I can honestly say all our treatments have been extremely pleasant, pain free and a it’s a great pleasure to visit the dentist.Sat has performed many many procedures on my teeth consisting of a root canal, a bridge, crowns, fillings, a veneer, hygiene appointments and just recently a titanium implant.I can truthfully say I would never ever consider going to another dentist.Our whole experience on every single visit has been lovely.All the staff are amazing, they are extremely friendly very professional and the aftercare is second to none.Nothing is too much trouble for any of the staff, reminders are given prior to your appointment and a follow up call is also made to check everything is well.A truly amazing dental surgery.read more
Ann Hunt
Ann H.
22:13 24 Sep 22
Excellent service from all at Heath Dental, from reception to the practitioners. Very happy with the end results of the Invisalign procedure, good value for money. Thanks Joanna.
David Jones
David J.
12:15 01 Jul 22
What can I say? Absolutely fantastic service and customer care. I had a tooth removed and, being a complete coward when it comes to a visit to the Dentist, was dreading it. Naveen, Dawn and the whole team were so understanding and talked me through the whole process. The after care was outstanding and I’m now actually looking forward to my next visit. Thank you all. 😊read more
Sharron Lawrence
Sharron L.
11:12 30 Jun 22
Fantastic service from Louise in the Reception Team for her perseverance in finding an appointment for my filling to be done. Her calm and professional manner is commendable. My treatment with Joanna was handled so expertly and apart from a little discomfort, I felt no pain. Both Joanna and her assistant were so reassuring and I felt in great hands at all times. Thank you all at Heath Dentalread more
Anna Elviri-Knight
Anna E.
15:58 28 Jun 22
After not being registered with a dentist for about six years, I managed to get an appointment with Heath Dental. I was quite anxious about going (I’m not the greatest dental patient!) but I was made to feel extremely welcome at the practice from the very start. The dentist, Joanna, was very mindful of my slight anxiousness when performing my oral health assessment and talked me through everything she was doing, frequently pausing to check that I was OK. It was probably the most thorough check-up I’ve ever had! And because of the commentary to put me at ease, it was probably one of the most interesting check-ups, too!A couple of days later, I had an appointment with the hygienist (Victoria). Again, she was incredibly friendly and talked me through everything she was doing. She also talked me through various options for looking after the ongoing health of my teeth and gums. In fact, the one thing that really struck me from both appointments was that my oral health was being scored and that they were really keen to improve it - not just to book me in for a regular appointment, but to actually help me improve my oral health going forward (with a commitment from me as well).All in all, I was hugely impressed and it wasn’t at all the terrifying experience I’d built up in my mind!read more
Andy Tootell
Andy T.
11:15 11 Jun 22
As a extremely nervous patient I couldn’t recommend this dentists or Naveed enough. He answers my questions, doesn’t keep my waiting long and gets the job done as fast a possible. I also go to see Lucy regularly to get my teeth cleaned and she is the most patient, lovely and kind person. You aren’t a number at this dentist, they really take pride in your care and take things at your pace.read more
Emma Steward
Emma S.
19:49 19 May 22
I've been with Dr Kelly for a very long time, the team is absolutely brilliant. I wouldn't go anywhere else knowing I'll be properly looked after by this team 🙂
Celine Tang
Celine T.
10:22 06 May 22
Very personal wrap around care. I was expecting somewhat of an ordeal having some dental work done, as most people do however I didn’t feel a thing and was reassured throughout. Sat and the team are always a pleasure to see.
Omar Rahman
Omar R.
09:28 05 May 22
Heath dental practice is exceptional. Flexible appointments, welcoming and caring staff.Majority of my dental treatment was done by Dr. Sat Kelley. Courtesy, kindness and the ability to make a patient feel welcome are the qualities that defines Dr. Sat!Dr. Sat Kelley goes above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and reassured his treatment plans and detailed explaination of your check up. Treatment was professional, thorough and pain free.I would recommend this practice without any hesitation.read more
Prachi Pathak-Deshchougule
Prachi P.
18:33 29 Apr 22
I have been a patient of Sat now for a few years and to say I’m the nervous patient from hell is an understatement!! I had to to have a root canal filling today and all I can say is I never felt a thing from the moment I sat in the chair to the moment I got out…. I was so nervous and full of anxiety that I wanted to run in fear of what people had told me from their experiences with their dentists. I can assure anybody that is nervous you need to see Sat Kelly he was amazing and I’m smiling thank you so much Sat and lucy for constantly reassuring me throughout the procedure and for exactly what it says pain free Dentistry!!! 🙏👏👏👏👏👏read more
Christine Coombs
Christine C.
16:00 16 Dec 21
I went today for first time I left so happy .Joanna Keetarut such a lovely calming lady.I had two badly chipped sharp front teeth with a large gap in middle.She Filled the gap repaired teeth and matched coulor perfect.She could she I was so happy.Sad I had to put mask on and could not show what a good job she had done.Also on my check I got a new gum shield as I grind my teeth she was brill at information on why I get pain in my jaw and sinus all alot better now with right fitting one . Thanks Joanna will be back when I'm due Nicolaread more
Nicola Fitzpatrick
Nicola F.
11:28 29 Jun 21
I have been seeing Sat and Lucy now for a while. Both are fantastic! I have recently had a stint fitted for my TMJ and constant grinding. I cam honestly say it is so nice to not wake up with face ache!Would thoroughly recommend 👌 👍 Thanks guys
Johanna Mooney
Johanna M.
23:38 17 Mar 21
I was really nervous as previous experiences elsewhere were painful and unpleasant. Sat really took his time to reassure me, and I felt no pain at all. One of the best dentists I’ve been to, with a very welcoming team. Thank you.
Leanne Ainsworth
Leanne A.
10:31 07 Nov 20
As someone who has a phobia of needles, I was terrified of visiting the dentist again (it’s something I’d been putting off for a very long time!). The entire team are nothing short of incredible. From the moment I arrived I felt completely at ease. Joanna was so understanding of my concerns and did everything to ensure that I had a pain-free, calm experience, which I did! I’m super happy with my teeth now and I can’t recommend them enough - thank you Heath Dental, see you next year! 💜read more
Sophie Louise
Sophie L.
18:10 03 Nov 20
This is a really great dental surgery. I've been coming here for many years and the care and attention I receive is always second to none, everyone is so friendly and professional, and nothing is too much trouble. Everything is thoroughly explained to you before treatment is started and I can honestly say that I have never been in pain during any treatment. Also the aftercare is brilliant too. I'd recommend Heath Dental to everyone. 😁👍read more
Karen Eustace
Karen E.
13:45 21 May 20
Tom and I would definitely recommend and highly praise Heath Dental. Sat & Sean have always looked after us, and actually the whole team are amazing! They are always friendly, professional and excellent at what they do! They are brilliant dancers too.... Haha!!! Thank you one and all, and we can't wait until you are back and doing what you do best! We need you... Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you back at Heath Dental soon. Best wishes to everyone from Carole xxread more
Carole Osborne
Carole O.
18:20 20 May 20
I'm a very nervous patient at the dentist and Sean made me super comfortable as did the wonderful dental nurses. He talked through everything that was happening so there were no surprises. Reception staff were lovely, even called me the day after my treatment to make sure I wasn't in any pain. Cannot recommend this dentist surgery enough. They deserve every single one of the 5* reviews they have.read more
Neens Farrimond
Neens F.
16:02 30 Jan 20
Have been a very regular client at Heath Dental for some years now and would highly recommend them. They are friendly, professional and have always put me at ease. Their dentistry is top class and I have always been very happy with my treatment.
Victoria Hammond
Victoria H.
10:37 08 Jan 20
Just had 2 composite fillings on my front teeth as I’ve been grinding my teeth badly so they are really small.. I’m over the moon with what Sat has achieved , I’ve got my smile back, they are beautiful.. thank you so much Sat 🙌🏾 and as always gentle , kind and pain free. I literally can’t stop smiling now 😁read more
Emma Davis
Emma D.
16:33 24 Sep 19
The staff are absolutely amazing 😊 my little boy was nervous about having work done but they put him at ease and really took the time to interact with him. These guys are the best an now there is no fear whatsoever 👍🏻 one very happy mom 😊
JaKki Bbutch'er
JaKki B.
07:23 23 May 19
I travel an hour to get to Heath Dental, I do this because they are, in my opinion, the best dentists in the midlands. Today I had a filling done by Sat using his laser, it was fast, pain free and carried out without an injection. I highly recommend heath dental, especially if you are nervous of visiting dentists. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Michael O'Sullivan
Michael O.
16:59 07 May 19
Sat Kelly was recommended to me by a consultant when I was having problems with my teeth. The recommendation was totally warranted. Sat and the team are friendly, calm and provide pain free treatment something I would not have believed possible. I can not recommended them highly enough.
Carol Hibbs
Carol H.
12:33 13 Mar 19
Been to see Sat and Lucy on separate occasions. Recently joined as a patient and can say I’m very impressed. Both my check up and hygiene appointment were the most thorough I’ve ever had. Also little bit nervous of the dentist and can say both the dentist/hygienist and dental nurses put me at ease immediately. Would highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Emma Ferguson
Emma F.
15:23 16 Jan 19
I have been terrified of the dentist since a child with awful experiences at the "clinic" which has stayed with me into adulthood, I also have various complicated health problems that make it difficult for dentist to carry out treatments easily, I had not been to the dentist for probably 4 yrs plus until a friend recommended Mr.Sat Kelley at Heath Dental, still full of trepidation I made the appointment and have since had 2 fillings and I can honestly say the treatment was totally pain free I did not even feel the injection for first one and 2nd one not even have any numbing and still painless - really cannot thank Mr.Kelly and his lovely nurse enough for being so patient with me - highly recommend Mr Kelley and his staff.read more
Hilary Sawyer
Hilary S.
17:42 08 Jan 19
Excellent dental practice of the highest quality. Friendly, welcoming, calm and reassuring. Pain free treatment and amazing care and after care!Everything explained in detail; nothing is too much trouble. Go early and you get your breakfast!!!Thanks to all the teamYvonne James
Yvonne James
Yvonne J.
21:48 06 Dec 18
Always had a fear of dentists but after becoming a patient here this has diminished. The care has been excellent with understanding staff and pain free treatment.Totally recommend.
Linda Stokes
Linda S.
14:15 30 Nov 18
If you have a phobia about going to the dentist or a previous bad experience then please visit Heath Dental. They will look after you so well and will always ensure that any dental work required is pain free. 5 stars all the way for all the team.
Marie Southwick
Marie S.
14:17 25 Oct 18
I sometimes feel like I've spent half my life at the dentists. In the last few years, I've had a brace (six month smile), root canal treatment and now a bridge on my front teeth. It's not always been an easy journey - but the team at Heath Dental have been great. Treatment is provided with kindness, patience and a very high level of skill. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend this practice.read more
Elaine Hall
Elaine H.
11:33 23 Jul 18
Heath Dental is an amazing practice , without Naveen I would now be a sorry sight, his skills are superb and I can now smile with confidence. Alison his nurse and all the staff are lovely, kind & caring and I can't thank them enough. X
Barbara Alan
Barbara A.
18:08 20 Jun 18
100% Heath Dental in Dickens Heath, they advertise pain free dentistry, only dentist I've had the guts to go back to in years. My dentist is Nav a lovely understanding guy and they have even allowed me to book my own nurse Alison for my appointments too, because she has such a calming aura. If she is working with a different dentist that day they will swap her for my appointments. Hope she never leaves.read more
Chris Marshall
Chris M.
19:36 17 Apr 18
I have been going to Heath Dental for some time now. I do have to say that Naveenhas the patience of a saint as i am not the easiest of customers to deal with,He is so kind and understanding that is the reason i still go back to this dentist.So if you are looking to move dentists or need a new one this is the place to go. .read more
Triona Boden
Triona B.
19:48 06 Mar 18
Had a consultation with Sat today. I was really anxious at first but was reassured and felt at ease by the team here especially Sat. They are very friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to my treatments here. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a relaxing and pain free dental experience .read more
Jannatul Firdous
Jannatul F.
15:16 23 Feb 18
Very friendly & caring staff Iv never felt so relaxed & confident whilst having dental treatment Thankyou for the kindness & pain free treatment Sat Kellyone happy me
Diane Hurrell
Diane H.
19:45 11 Jan 18
I'm halfway through a very complicated course of treatment with Sat and his team. I have to say that it has been totally pain free so far, having had ten extractions and prototype dentures fitted. The teeth are exact replicas of my own teeth and look so natural. All the staff are so friendly, it's wasnt often I used to leave the dentist with a smile on my face as I do now.read more
Jenny Leadbetter
Jenny L.
20:14 06 Nov 17
Just finished a long course of treatment with Sat Kelley, would have no hesitation in recommending this practice. Not a fan of the dentist but staff put you completely at ease. Travel a long way for treatment, very satisfied.�
Debbie Cobden
Debbie C.
16:48 30 Oct 17
I have just completed a course of treatment entailing replacement crown's an implant, very professionally and pain free treatment I have the highest regard for Mr Kelly, and can't recommend him enough.
Philip Priestley
Philip P.
18:23 10 Oct 17
I have been visiting Heath Dental since the practice first opened and after visiting Mr Kelly this week I thought why have I never given them a true review.On entering the practice it is extremely clean looking and very welcoming. The staff are always smiling and know me on first name terms. It's always lovely to have a chat whilst waiting, which is never very long as most of my visits I am seen on time.I love going to the dentist, I love the feeling of knowing I'm in great oral health and showing off my lovely clean gnashers!But I understand many people do not feel that way. I've had to have 2 root canal filling of late and further treatment of crowns fitted. I cannot express the confidence I have in Mr Kelly. When they say pain free dentistry they mean it. I am even brave enough to go anaesthetic free now. The care and attention they give to all their patients is above and beyond. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.Don't ever be scared of this dentist.read more
Paula Jones
Paula J.
16:32 23 Jul 17
The only dentist I am happy to visit, all staff friendly and greet you with a smile. Treatment painless and most important, they will fit you in if you have a problem. No long wait in pain. Need a dentist, need a different better dentist, go to this practice.
Ivy Hadley
Ivy H.
06:13 19 Jul 17
After a few dentists told me I needed a crown on my chipped front tooth I finally came across Joanna who told me she could build it instead of putting a crown on it. I finally had it done today and the result is fantastic! Thank you so much Joanna
Stina Arvidsson
Stina A.
13:02 03 May 17
The Heath Dental Team get customer care right. They provide an excellent standard of care from reception, nurses and dentist. I always feel like I am being looked after and treated with respect, being kept informed and involved in the process. I had my first filling recently and I was expecting it to be painful, but it wasn't at all. I drive a fair way to see Sat Kelley and the team and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else as I trust Heath Dental to get it right for me. Thank you!read more
Sho Na
Sho N.
09:56 01 Apr 17
Excellent! Dr Sat Kelly and his team are extremely professional, immediately put you at ease and deliver a first class service. Highly recommend Dr Kelly and Heath Dental.
Catherine Hoban
Catherine H.
13:51 24 Jan 17
Amazing team. Friendly and confident. My daughter was really nervous and you did so well with her. My son actually opened his mouth and got his teeth counted at his first appointment. Thankyou �
Helen Călitu
Helen C.
11:44 26 Oct 16
I've been a very happy customer here now for several years. I first got in touch with Sean Power to get advice about teeth straightening, we decided to go down the "Six Months Smiles" route and it's the best thing I ever did! My twin sister was so jealous of my smile she went to see Sean too!! Friendly, caring service which I highly recommend.read more
Zoë Rees
Zoë R.
11:37 18 Aug 16
Absolutely amazing dentists.I have to say, my 2 hour appointment was the most comfortable ever. Didn't feel any discomfort even though a lot of work was being done to my teeth. The dentists are super friendly and professional. Definitely glad I am their patient now. Perfect teeth soon.
El Sam
El S.
22:22 03 May 16
I have always been extremely happy with the treatment that I've received at Heath Dental. I would not hesitate in giving them my highest recommendation, I won't be going anywhere else! 5 stars well and truly deserved!
Daniel Head
Daniel H.
17:18 08 Dec 15
Fantastic staff so friendly and professional . Just had the air polish done and my teeth are amazing they look like I've just had them whitened ..really pleased 🙂 thank you !
Sally Kendrick
Sally K.
22:57 20 Nov 15

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