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Is The Game Up For Dental Flossing?

Is The Game Up For Dental Flossing?

From The Desk of Sat Kelley

sat-blogHi I’m Sat Kelley, Dentist and Owner of Heath Dental in Solihull.

Now, you may have read the newspaper articles recently rubbishing the use of dental floss as a fight against gum disease.

But before you throw away your boxes of floss and feel the euphoria of an extra 5 minutes of your favourite show before bed, please consider the following:

The evidence from the study quoted was poor as the sample number was far too small, so no real conclusion can be drawn from it.

Ask yourself why we need to clean between our teeth? Have you ever flossed (before bedtime is best) then taken a look at what comes out?

flossIf you slept with all that gunk, be it meat or plaque, then think of the field day (or night) that those pesky bacteria would have.

You don’t need to be a science anorak to work out that this can’t be good for your teeth or gums.

A few minutes spent using good technique, which your dentist or hygienist can show you, in my opinion, will go a long way to reducing your risk of tooth decay (with inevitable fillings) and keep your gums healthy. 

IT IS WHAT I DO EVERYDAY, using dental tape and my gums are in pretty good nick.

So I would carry on flossing or if you are a non-user then why not give it a go. It could save you time in the dental chair at your next visit.

Bye for now.




Sat Kelley


Your Consultation Process at Heath Dental

Your Consultation Process at Heath Dental

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