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Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Finding out how to give even more back…

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

Homeless and Inclusion Conference

I recently attended the Homeless and Inclusion Conference in Birmingham, my first time at this conference I was excited to find out more about how I could become involved with providing dental care for homeless and excluded people.

Well the day certainly didn’t disappoint, it was eye opening, inspiring and motivating.

Speakers included dental & homeless charities, various professionals from the dental world and the talks I found the most emotional were those from people who have been homeless themselves. Listening to people’s stories,why they became homeless, their journey, difficulties and prejudices they have faced brought a tear to my eye.

One particular speaker was Sarah Harries, she was living on the streets of Leeds, had suffered a lifetime of abuse and had a drug addiction. However with the help of others and a lot of hard work herself she is now a Pentecostal Minister, studying a degree and married with a daughter, four years ago she was close to death. A wonderful success story to hear.

I will definitely be getting involved where I can next year, through Crisis and Dentaid and doing some dental nursing for them. It has also given me a lot to think about in terms of day to day nursing here and what we can do to be aware and considerate of people and possible traumas.

I also wore my other hat on this day and presented a table for Dental Mavericks, to try and spread the word about our work and encourage attendees of the conference to join us for our 2019 trips. Scarily for me I had to present a short talk to the room about the work we do.

Not having done any public speaking before I was nervous to say the least( although most would argue I can speak more than needed any other time no problem ha ha) I survived though, no eggs or tomatoes were thrown and hope that I managed to encourage a few of the dentists to consider us next year.


Working with Dental Mavericks in Greece

Working with Dental Mavericks in Greece

On June 7th Michelle headed off to Thessaloniki, Greece with Dental mavericks to help provide dental care to the people living in the refugee camps.

In partnership with Health Point Foundation the Mavericks team visited 5 camps over 6 days, working 2 days in one of the camps further away from their base.

A rewarding and eye opening trip, met some amazing people with some heartbreaking stories.

If anyone is interested in volunteering with Dental Mavericks and being part of an great team doing great work please contact us at the practice or visit http://www.dentalmavericks.org/

20170609_160358Michelle said “We went to 5 different camps in total and worked 6 days of clinics.  The living conditions range in the camps from porta-cabins to tents, its a real eye opener to see how people are having to live, you can only imagine what they have fled from in their own countries. 

The team from HPF were great, we all mucked in with set up and shut down of clinics each day, some of the refugees spoke English or a little English but there were just as many that didn’t so we definitely would have been lost without our translator Hassan.

We did treatments such as composite and amalgam fillings, extirpation of teeth (start of root canal treatment) extractions and treated children and adults.

HPF has one permanent clinic in a camp which is where we had the proper dental chairs you see in the pictures, this for us felt like a real luxury even though we were still using mobile hand-piece units, it was nice to be able to have an overhead light and a bit more comfort for the patient.

I feel so lucky to have been able to have this experience again thanks to dental mavericks and cfast, its a real eye opener and the feeling when you are there to know that you are making a difference to someones health and well being is just great.

The people you meet are truly amazing.”


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Your Consultation Process at Heath Dental

Your Consultation Process at Heath Dental

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