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Emergency Dentist Solihull


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We will always offer full and comprehensive guidance during your appointment and ensure that you are aware of the cost of any further treatment that is required before it is undertaken.

We also offer an “EMERGENCY GUARANTEE”, so if you are not seen within 59 minutes of your appointment time, your visit will be completely FREE of charge!

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Monday  08.30 – 18.00

Tuesday  08.30 – 18.00

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*We are open lunchtimes

Emergency Dentist Solihull

End Your Tooth Ache Today!

 Emergency Help & Tips 

Please choose from the useful guides below that could really help you out in the case of a dental emergency…

Dental Implant Emergencies

Childs Tooth Knocked Out

Lost or loose crowns

Pain & Swelling

Broken Tooth

Request a FREE 5 Step Smile Audit

Request a FREE 5 Step Smile Audit

“Am I Suitable For "Fear Free" Dentistry?”


  1. Meeting Sat your first point of contact to answer any concerns and desires
  2. Photographic tour of your mouth
  3. Assessment of the health of your mouth, and the “silent disease” audit
  4. A basic “Fear Free” exam with Dr. Sat Kelley
  5. An explanation of the options best suited to you and your concerns

Usually valued at £97 but now FREE

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Meet Sat & The Team

Meet Sat & The Team

Meet Your Dentist Sat And His “Fear Free” Team At heath DENTAL

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Straight Teeth Braces

Straight Teeth Braces

Are You Unhappy With Your Smile? We Have The Solution For You

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Completley Easy, No Trouble Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

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Free Smile Audit

Free Smile Audit

Are You Suitable For “Fear Free” Dentistry? Free Consults Available

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Dentistry For Busy People…

Monday 08.30am – 18.00pm
Tuesday 08.30am – 18.00pm
Wednesday 07.00am – 18.00pm
Thursday 08.30am– 20.00pm
Friday 07.00am – 16.00pm
We are open during lunchtimes.

 **We use cinema glasses for you to wear when you undergo your treatment**

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