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Emergency Dentist Solihull

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 Emergency Help & Tips 

Lost or loose Crowns

If your crown is loose or comes off then the quicker you contact the practice, the easier and simpler the treatment. Your crown will need to be refitted so please keep it safe and clean and bring it with you to your appointment. You may experience some sensitivity from the underlying tooth but try to keep the tooth as clean as possible.

If you are on holiday then we recommend that you purchase a dental first aid kit from the practice prior to your trip. This will contain a “glue” to temporarily fix the crown until you are able to contact us. PLEASE DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE.

Bleeding after tooth extraction

Try to avoid exercise or strenuous activity after the extraction. Avoiding aspirin will also help. Although rare, bleeding can happen and cause understandable anxiety. There will always be some sign of blood in your mouth but if the bleeding is excessive, that is similar to an uncontrollable nose bleed then please follow the instructions below.

You will have been provided with a bite pack. Please sit upright and place the bite pack (or handkerchief if you do not have a bite pack) into the socket space and clench for 15 minutes. It is advisable not to talk during this time so that constant pressure can be maintained. This should be sufficient to stem the bleed. If bleeding persists then contact the practice.


Toothache can be very distressful and usually starts suddenly. It can vary from mild discomfort to a severe throbbing, which is often worse at night. The area of your jaw close to the infected tooth may also be sore and tender to the touch. Toothache can either come and go or be constant. Eating or drinking can make the pain worse, particularly if the food or drink is hot or cold. If you have dental pain for longer than one or two days, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible to have it treated.

The longer you leave it, the worse it will get and the more likely you will get swelling. What you can do while you wait for your appointment. Take painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Using sensitive toothpastes such as sensodyne may also help. Looking after your dental health is the best way to prevent toothache. To do this you should brush your teeth twice a day using a toothpaste that contains fluoride; gently brush your gums and tongue as well clean between your teeth regularly using interdental aids such as floss, Tepe brushes and Airflossers.

Fluoride mouthwashes may be used if necessary. limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks; you should  have them as an occasional treat and only at mealtimes do not smoke as it can make some dental problems worse Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to catch decay and gum problems early.

Child’s tooth knocked out from trauma

Baby teeth

Baby teeth start falling out naturally from 6 years old. If a baby tooth has been knocked out by injury then you must not put it back in, as this may damage the growing adult tooth. Suitable painkillers such as Calpol can be given for any discomfort. See your dentist later if you have any concerns.

Adult teeth

It may be possible to place an adult tooth that has been knocked out back into the socket successfully. This can only be done if the tooth is in one piece. Time is of the essence, it must be replaced as soon as possible, no more than one hour. Retrieve the tooth, check that it is one piece. DO NOT touch the root as this can damage the cells needed for it to reintegrate into the socket. If possible an adult at the scene can put it back in. If the tooth is clean put it in straightaway.

Hold the tooth by the crown (the white shiny part normally seen in the mouth) make sure it is the right way around and push it gently back into the socket. Get the child to bite gently on a handkerchief and see a dentist as soon as possible. Go to the nearest Accident and Emergency Department if you cannot get to a dentist. If the tooth is dirty then rinse it with milk. If you do not have these then use the child’s saliva or cold water, do not scrub or use disinfectant it as again this will damage the cells needed for reintegration.

If you are unable to place it back in the socket then you must see a dentist as soon as possible. Go to your nearest Accident and Emergency department if you cannot get to a dentist. The tooth must be kept moist, ideally place it in milk. Do not put it in plain water as this will damage the cells whereas milk or even saline is better at preserving the cells. Putting it in the injured person’s mouth between the cheek and gum can be done if milk and saline are not available. Injuries like this most commonly occur when playing contact sports. Wearing a well fitting sports mouthguard made by your dentist is the best way to prevent such injuries.

dental implant emergencies

Prevention is far better than an attempt to cure, which is:

  • Unpredictable
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Expensive
  • Involve more surgery

In order to reduce the risk of problems the following are recommended:

  • Clean the implant twice daily as demonstrated by the hygienist or dentist
  • Keep up with regular (3 monthly) visits to the hygienist to remove the harmful biofilm which develops around implants and teeth
  • Report immediately any signs of swelling, discomfort or increased bleeding
  • Report immediately any signs of loosening
  • Seek assistance from a qualified implant dentist if the crown comes off. Keep the crown safe until it is refitted
  • Report immediately any trauma to the implant from a fall or blow

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Read what our patients say about their treatment

Excellent Dental Practice. My treatment was pain free, delivered with great care and expertise. I highly recommend this practice. Mr Kelly made my treatment visits pleasant experiences.
Bonnie McGough
Bonnie M.
11:29 03 Feb 23
Excellent service from start to finish, Dr Sat makes you feel like you’re the only person in the practice. There is a genuine aim to get the best possible outcome which gave me trust and confidence in the whole treatment. Thank you!
21:46 02 Feb 23
Sat Kelly did an amazing job on my uncles false teeth, Bob Jeffcoat rang the surgery & complimented him on what a fantastic job he did & how satisfied he is with his new teeth!
lynne hunt
lynne H.
14:58 27 Jan 23
Emergency appointment offered the same day - although I preferred to wait a couple of days. Treatment excellent as usual. Root canal filling was painless.
Gary Rowing-Parker
Gary R.
19:43 20 Jan 23
Another fantastic visit with Sat Kelly delivering important information on how to manage my dental hygiene better. We are now into our 29th year with Sat and plan to continue for many more!
Steve Metcalf
Steve M.
12:13 08 Jan 23
Sat is meticulous and takes time to ensure that all dental work is of the highest standard. Thank you Sat for sorting out my incisor - building it up. It looks great and very happy with it.
Sanjay Patel
Sanjay P.
13:34 06 Jan 23
Dr Kelly was amazing! I went in for a root canal, I was nervous about the pain aspect of the procedure. It was absolutely pain free and I was reassured and looked after the entire way through.
Arabella Trett
Arabella T.
11:52 20 Dec 22
This is an outstanding dental practice. The waiting area is bright and airy with comfortable seating. The receptionists are friendly and welcoming. The dental staff put you at ease and treatment is performed expertly, pain free.
Colin Coney
Colin C.
19:21 10 Dec 22
Everyone at the practice is friendly and efficient. They communicate well about appointments and as a patient I feel welcomed and looked after. My dental implant which is now well over 10 years old, has never given me any problems. Mr Kelly and his team provide a great service. The hygienist is also very helpful and encouragingread more
Annabel Bryant
Annabel B.
18:59 01 Dec 22
"No need to have worried so much "Many thanks to Sat and his team for his very professional approach to removing 2 very difficult roots .I dont know i was so worried .Thank you .
philip milner
philip M.
05:42 27 Nov 22
Heath Dental did an excellent implant. It took a long time but this was due to the meticulous attention given to getting everything right and allowing sufficient time for healing at the various stages. Heath Dental we’re very careful to ensure I was as comfortable as possible as the work was carried out. Administration was also excellent ensuring I was kept fully informed throughout.read more
Leslie Prescott
Leslie P.
12:16 15 Nov 22
This is the best dental practice I have ever been a patient of ,it has fantastic staff , pain free treatment and excellent after care , I would never go any where else .
Stephen Hems
Stephen H.
19:07 11 Nov 22
Pain free isn't just a statement, its what Heath Dental provide, I never fear going, and have been a patient for some years, although I think a friend would be a better word as they are a very friendly and helpful team, no matter who you are dealing with. Sat Kelley is my dentist and, as with all the team at Heath Dental, if any treatment is needed, or asked for, you are advised what is required and how it will be carried out, whilst looking at different options to achieve the best result, all fully explained, before and at each stage of treatment. Having just completed a course of treatment I feel really happy and 100% satisfied and very pleased.read more
Fred Capewell
Fred C.
13:38 10 Nov 22
Thank you to Joanna and all at Heath Dental for the care they afforded our children on their visit. Kindness and reassurance from the moment they walked into Reception through to the relieved goodbyes.
Jon Ryan
Jon R.
12:17 10 Nov 22
This practice is the best I’ve been too. I always slightly dread going but I’m always put at ease by the lovely Sat Kelly. It’s a very professional and friendly service they all help to give.
julie lomas
julie L.
09:53 06 Nov 22
Amazing clinic, friendly staff! Thank you for giving an excellent hygiene service today, no pain, no panicking but relaxing and relief!Highly recommended.
Mon Lam
Mon L.
21:43 04 Nov 22
Just the best dentistTotally pain free with the nicest staffFor anyone who’s afraid of the dentist,this dentist is a total game changerThanks to Naveen and all the staff
Melanie James
Melanie J.
19:21 03 Nov 22
As always a very pleasant visit. Sat has looked after my teeth for 17 years and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He listens to my needs and treats me with kindness and respect. He has a great team at Heath Dental.
Paula Jones
Paula J.
18:07 03 Nov 22
Really impressed with this place so far. Having avoided going to the dentist for a time, I’d heard nothing but good things from friends that go here so I decided to go along. The receptionists were really friendly and helpful. I had the initial consultation with Zoe, who was also extremely friendly, she took me through all the options available and explained the costs. Although I’m not looking forward to any dental work I may need, I know it will be done well and I will be looked after.read more
michelle barrett
michelle B.
18:07 24 Oct 22
Fabulous service from all of the staff at Heath Dental, nothing is too much trouble and communication is excellent. Pain free experience when it came to the treatment. Sat Kelley has done an amazing job with my dental bridge. Couldn't be happier with the results. Thankyou.
Graham Baker
Graham B.
19:15 19 Oct 22
I have used Heath Dental for at least ten years. I am very happy with the treatment, advice and service I have received. All the staff are friendly and helpful. They take care to make any treatment pain free.
Alex Husbands
Alex H.
17:48 28 Sep 22
Excellent dentist in my experience. Pain free.As a nervous patient I was well looked after and I am amazed that Dr Sat was able to save teeth that I thought would need to be removed.Very happy with my experience
patrick reilly
patrick R.
14:41 28 Sep 22
Our whole family have been patients at Heath dental since 2012.I can honestly say all our treatments have been extremely pleasant, pain free and a it’s a great pleasure to visit the dentist.Sat has performed many many procedures on my teeth consisting of a root canal, a bridge, crowns, fillings, a veneer, hygiene appointments and just recently a titanium implant.I can truthfully say I would never ever consider going to another dentist.Our whole experience on every single visit has been lovely.All the staff are amazing, they are extremely friendly very professional and the aftercare is second to none.Nothing is too much trouble for any of the staff, reminders are given prior to your appointment and a follow up call is also made to check everything is well.A truly amazing dental surgery.read more
Ann Hunt
Ann H.
22:13 24 Sep 22
Fantastic service from Louise in the Reception Team for her perseverance in finding an appointment for my filling to be done. Her calm and professional manner is commendable. My treatment with Joanna was handled so expertly and apart from a little discomfort, I felt no pain. Both Joanna and her assistant were so reassuring and I felt in great hands at all times. Thank you all at Heath Dentalread more
Anna Elviri-Knight
Anna E.
15:58 28 Jun 22
I have been a patient of Sat now for a few years and to say I’m the nervous patient from hell is an understatement!! I had to to have a root canal filling today and all I can say is I never felt a thing from the moment I sat in the chair to the moment I got out…. I was so nervous and full of anxiety that I wanted to run in fear of what people had told me from their experiences with their dentists. I can assure anybody that is nervous you need to see Sat Kelly he was amazing and I’m smiling thank you so much Sat and lucy for constantly reassuring me throughout the procedure and for exactly what it says pain free Dentistry!!! 🙏👏👏👏👏👏read more
Christine Coombs
Christine C.
16:00 16 Dec 21
I went today for first time I left so happy .Joanna Keetarut such a lovely calming lady.I had two badly chipped sharp front teeth with a large gap in middle.She Filled the gap repaired teeth and matched coulor perfect.She could she I was so happy.Sad I had to put mask on and could not show what a good job she had done.Also on my check I got a new gum shield as I grind my teeth she was brill at information on why I get pain in my jaw and sinus all alot better now with right fitting one . Thanks Joanna will be back when I'm due Nicolaread more
Nicola Fitzpatrick
Nicola F.
11:28 29 Jun 21
I have been seeing Sat and Lucy now for a while. Both are fantastic! I have recently had a stint fitted for my TMJ and constant grinding. I cam honestly say it is so nice to not wake up with face ache!Would thoroughly recommend 👌 👍 Thanks guys
Johanna Mooney
Johanna M.
23:38 17 Mar 21
I was really nervous as previous experiences elsewhere were painful and unpleasant. Sat really took his time to reassure me, and I felt no pain at all. One of the best dentists I’ve been to, with a very welcoming team. Thank you.
Leanne Ainsworth
Leanne A.
10:31 07 Nov 20
As someone who has a phobia of needles, I was terrified of visiting the dentist again (it’s something I’d been putting off for a very long time!). The entire team are nothing short of incredible. From the moment I arrived I felt completely at ease. Joanna was so understanding of my concerns and did everything to ensure that I had a pain-free, calm experience, which I did! I’m super happy with my teeth now and I can’t recommend them enough - thank you Heath Dental, see you next year! 💜read more
Sophie Louise
Sophie L.
18:10 03 Nov 20
This is a really great dental surgery. I've been coming here for many years and the care and attention I receive is always second to none, everyone is so friendly and professional, and nothing is too much trouble. Everything is thoroughly explained to you before treatment is started and I can honestly say that I have never been in pain during any treatment. Also the aftercare is brilliant too. I'd recommend Heath Dental to everyone. 😁👍read more
Karen Eustace
Karen E.
13:45 21 May 20
Tom and I would definitely recommend and highly praise Heath Dental. Sat & Sean have always looked after us, and actually the whole team are amazing! They are always friendly, professional and excellent at what they do! They are brilliant dancers too.... Haha!!! Thank you one and all, and we can't wait until you are back and doing what you do best! We need you... Stay safe and hopefully we'll see you back at Heath Dental soon. Best wishes to everyone from Carole xxread more
Carole Osborne
Carole O.
18:20 20 May 20
I'm a very nervous patient at the dentist and Sean made me super comfortable as did the wonderful dental nurses. He talked through everything that was happening so there were no surprises. Reception staff were lovely, even called me the day after my treatment to make sure I wasn't in any pain. Cannot recommend this dentist surgery enough. They deserve every single one of the 5* reviews they have.read more
Neens Farrimond
Neens F.
16:02 30 Jan 20
Have been a very regular client at Heath Dental for some years now and would highly recommend them. They are friendly, professional and have always put me at ease. Their dentistry is top class and I have always been very happy with my treatment.
Victoria Hammond
Victoria H.
10:37 08 Jan 20
Just had 2 composite fillings on my front teeth as I’ve been grinding my teeth badly so they are really small.. I’m over the moon with what Sat has achieved , I’ve got my smile back, they are beautiful.. thank you so much Sat 🙌🏾 and as always gentle , kind and pain free. I literally can’t stop smiling now 😁read more
Emma Davis
Emma D.
16:33 24 Sep 19
The staff are absolutely amazing 😊 my little boy was nervous about having work done but they put him at ease and really took the time to interact with him. These guys are the best an now there is no fear whatsoever 👍🏻 one very happy mom 😊
JaKki Bbutch'er
JaKki B.
07:23 23 May 19
Just had the Airflow treatment by Maddie in my hygiene appointment. I drink a lot of dark tea and had a fair bit of staining and it got rid of all of it. Absolutely fantastic service and would highly recommend this. Thank you Maddie x
Noora Talo
Noora T.
08:17 16 May 19
I travel an hour to get to Heath Dental, I do this because they are, in my opinion, the best dentists in the midlands. Today I had a filling done by Sat using his laser, it was fast, pain free and carried out without an injection. I highly recommend heath dental, especially if you are nervous of visiting dentists. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Michael O'Sullivan
Michael O.
16:59 07 May 19
Sat Kelly was recommended to me by a consultant when I was having problems with my teeth. The recommendation was totally warranted. Sat and the team are friendly, calm and provide pain free treatment something I would not have believed possible. I can not recommended them highly enough.
Carol Hibbs
Carol H.
12:33 13 Mar 19
Been to see Sat and Lucy on separate occasions. Recently joined as a patient and can say I’m very impressed. Both my check up and hygiene appointment were the most thorough I’ve ever had. Also little bit nervous of the dentist and can say both the dentist/hygienist and dental nurses put me at ease immediately. Would highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Emma Ferguson
Emma F.
15:23 16 Jan 19
I have been terrified of the dentist since a child with awful experiences at the "clinic" which has stayed with me into adulthood, I also have various complicated health problems that make it difficult for dentist to carry out treatments easily, I had not been to the dentist for probably 4 yrs plus until a friend recommended Mr.Sat Kelley at Heath Dental, still full of trepidation I made the appointment and have since had 2 fillings and I can honestly say the treatment was totally pain free I did not even feel the injection for first one and 2nd one not even have any numbing and still painless - really cannot thank Mr.Kelly and his lovely nurse enough for being so patient with me - highly recommend Mr Kelley and his staff.read more
Hilary Sawyer
Hilary S.
17:42 08 Jan 19
Excellent dental practice of the highest quality. Friendly, welcoming, calm and reassuring. Pain free treatment and amazing care and after care!Everything explained in detail; nothing is too much trouble. Go early and you get your breakfast!!!Thanks to all the teamYvonne James
Yvonne James
Yvonne J.
21:48 06 Dec 18
Always had a fear of dentists but after becoming a patient here this has diminished. The care has been excellent with understanding staff and pain free treatment.Totally recommend.
Linda Stokes
Linda S.
14:15 30 Nov 18
If you have a phobia about going to the dentist or a previous bad experience then please visit Heath Dental. They will look after you so well and will always ensure that any dental work required is pain free. 5 stars all the way for all the team.
Marie Southwick
Marie S.
14:17 25 Oct 18
I sometimes feel like I've spent half my life at the dentists. In the last few years, I've had a brace (six month smile), root canal treatment and now a bridge on my front teeth. It's not always been an easy journey - but the team at Heath Dental have been great. Treatment is provided with kindness, patience and a very high level of skill. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend this practice.read more
Elaine Hall
Elaine H.
11:33 23 Jul 18
Heath Dental is an amazing practice , without Naveen I would now be a sorry sight, his skills are superb and I can now smile with confidence. Alison his nurse and all the staff are lovely, kind & caring and I can't thank them enough. X
Barbara Alan
Barbara A.
18:08 20 Jun 18
100% Heath Dental in Dickens Heath, they advertise pain free dentistry, only dentist I've had the guts to go back to in years. My dentist is Nav a lovely understanding guy and they have even allowed me to book my own nurse Alison for my appointments too, because she has such a calming aura. If she is working with a different dentist that day they will swap her for my appointments. Hope she never leaves.read more
Chris Marshall
Chris M.
19:36 17 Apr 18
I have been going to Heath Dental for some time now. I do have to say that Naveenhas the patience of a saint as i am not the easiest of customers to deal with,He is so kind and understanding that is the reason i still go back to this dentist.So if you are looking to move dentists or need a new one this is the place to go. .read more
Triona Boden
Triona B.
19:48 06 Mar 18
Had a consultation with Sat today. I was really anxious at first but was reassured and felt at ease by the team here especially Sat. They are very friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to my treatments here. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a relaxing and pain free dental experience .read more
Jannatul Firdous
Jannatul F.
15:16 23 Feb 18
Very friendly & caring staff Iv never felt so relaxed & confident whilst having dental treatment Thankyou for the kindness & pain free treatment Sat Kellyone happy me
Diane Hurrell
Diane H.
19:45 11 Jan 18
I'm halfway through a very complicated course of treatment with Sat and his team. I have to say that it has been totally pain free so far, having had ten extractions and prototype dentures fitted. The teeth are exact replicas of my own teeth and look so natural. All the staff are so friendly, it's wasnt often I used to leave the dentist with a smile on my face as I do now.read more
Jenny Leadbetter
Jenny L.
20:14 06 Nov 17
Just finished a long course of treatment with Sat Kelley, would have no hesitation in recommending this practice. Not a fan of the dentist but staff put you completely at ease. Travel a long way for treatment, very satisfied.�
Debbie Cobden
Debbie C.
16:48 30 Oct 17
I have just completed a course of treatment entailing replacement crown's an implant, very professionally and pain free treatment I have the highest regard for Mr Kelly, and can't recommend him enough.
Philip Priestley
Philip P.
18:23 10 Oct 17
I have been visiting Heath Dental since the practice first opened and after visiting Mr Kelly this week I thought why have I never given them a true review.On entering the practice it is extremely clean looking and very welcoming. The staff are always smiling and know me on first name terms. It's always lovely to have a chat whilst waiting, which is never very long as most of my visits I am seen on time.I love going to the dentist, I love the feeling of knowing I'm in great oral health and showing off my lovely clean gnashers!But I understand many people do not feel that way. I've had to have 2 root canal filling of late and further treatment of crowns fitted. I cannot express the confidence I have in Mr Kelly. When they say pain free dentistry they mean it. I am even brave enough to go anaesthetic free now. The care and attention they give to all their patients is above and beyond. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.Don't ever be scared of this dentist.read more
Paula Jones
Paula J.
16:32 23 Jul 17
The only dentist I am happy to visit, all staff friendly and greet you with a smile. Treatment painless and most important, they will fit you in if you have a problem. No long wait in pain. Need a dentist, need a different better dentist, go to this practice.
Ivy Hadley
Ivy H.
06:13 19 Jul 17
After a few dentists told me I needed a crown on my chipped front tooth I finally came across Joanna who told me she could build it instead of putting a crown on it. I finally had it done today and the result is fantastic! Thank you so much Joanna
Stina Arvidsson
Stina A.
13:02 03 May 17
The Heath Dental Team get customer care right. They provide an excellent standard of care from reception, nurses and dentist. I always feel like I am being looked after and treated with respect, being kept informed and involved in the process. I had my first filling recently and I was expecting it to be painful, but it wasn't at all. I drive a fair way to see Sat Kelley and the team and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else as I trust Heath Dental to get it right for me. Thank you!read more
Sho Na
Sho N.
09:56 01 Apr 17
Excellent! Dr Sat Kelly and his team are extremely professional, immediately put you at ease and deliver a first class service. Highly recommend Dr Kelly and Heath Dental.
Catherine Hoban
Catherine H.
13:51 24 Jan 17
Amazing team. Friendly and confident. My daughter was really nervous and you did so well with her. My son actually opened his mouth and got his teeth counted at his first appointment. Thankyou �
Helen Călitu
Helen C.
11:44 26 Oct 16
I've been a very happy customer here now for several years. I first got in touch with Sean Power to get advice about teeth straightening, we decided to go down the "Six Months Smiles" route and it's the best thing I ever did! My twin sister was so jealous of my smile she went to see Sean too!! Friendly, caring service which I highly recommend.read more
Zoë Rees
Zoë R.
11:37 18 Aug 16
Absolutely amazing dentists.I have to say, my 2 hour appointment was the most comfortable ever. Didn't feel any discomfort even though a lot of work was being done to my teeth. The dentists are super friendly and professional. Definitely glad I am their patient now. Perfect teeth soon.
El Sam
El S.
22:22 03 May 16
I have always been extremely happy with the treatment that I've received at Heath Dental. I would not hesitate in giving them my highest recommendation, I won't be going anywhere else! 5 stars well and truly deserved!
Daniel Head
Daniel H.
17:18 08 Dec 15
Fantastic staff so friendly and professional . Just had the air polish done and my teeth are amazing they look like I've just had them whitened ..really pleased 🙂 thank you !
Sally Kendrick
Sally K.
22:57 20 Nov 15

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